Let’s Rewind

20131228_191725I find myself sitting here at an unusually early hour for me, with my mind full of tasks that need to be accomplished over the next 18 hours before hosting the New Years Eve events at our place.  As is my character (I am a planner after all) there seems to be a whirlwind of thing to do.  And knowing myself, I will moan and complain that I’m not getting anything attended to or achieved (which secretly I am) and my frustration and feeling of unproductivity will rise to surpass any form of common sense that I have left and ultimately my new husband will be the benefactor of this insanity which I am sure he is accustomed to…….Well at least I know who I am and how I work….LOL

With all that said, I suppose my early rising was due to really wanting to put down my thoughts and having some time to quietly think about the past year as we say adieu to 2013 and welcome yet a New Year and a new adventure.

Since looking back I did not think that the events of this year would even happen, therefore i really have no predictions to make for what the coming year will bring.  I prefer to take it in stride, take control over what I choose to do and leave the rest up to the higher powers that be to intervene as they see fit.  That seems to work for me.

In early 2013 I remember being quite upset actually.  The Love of my Life, my best friend had NOT proposed as I had hoped (or actually anticipated).  This had emotionally set me back somewhat.  But short of that, this relationship was a strong one, and he knew my feelings and we had had many conversations about where we wanted to be in the near future.  So pushing my feelings of the ultimate commitment aside (since I knew we were together for the long haul no matter what) we decided to do some house hunting.  We had chosen to put forth our efforts of being homeowners.  We visited many places, had truly only found one that we truly liked (not adored, but liked) and we chose to continue our search.

imagesAt this same time, I was truly struck down with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  This was a difficult time of adjustment.  For the months of February to at least April, the pain was severe.  The time it took me to simply get out of bed was ridiculous and ultimately putting me in a state of frustration and complete fatigue.  My nights were spent most of the time awake due to pain, waking me up at every turn of my body.  As many know of me, I’m not one to take this sitting down (pardon me) and sought out my most amazing doctor (again) who has always been there with a listening ear.  He solidified the diagnosis and then we moved onward and upward to find a reasonable solution.  I say reasonable because the fact is, the pain will never go away.  It’s tolerable most of the time, and I simply choose to not let it get the better of me, just as I have the other ailments that have progressed after Gastric Bypass surgery.  Regrets?  Not a single one since the alternative would have been much worse.

.facebook_371681425FINALLY, in late April, 2013 my best friend of all time PROPOSED!!  And I didn’t even see it coming, which for him is a compliment.  He will say that during the evening I had “trashed” on him already about not moving on with life, not having made a commitment to me……..yadda yadda yadda (all true..LOL) when all the time he had the ring in his pocket!!  So he simply giggled at my ill mood and proceeded to wait for our song, brought me on the dance floor where he had first seen me, and asked me to be his wife.  Not a bad year so far, one third of the way in.  So after some discussion, we decided that people had waited long enough for our union (including his poor mother having waited 43 years to see her son get married 🙂 )

M&S-350Therefore, we opted to put the home on hold and invested all we had into a spectacular event.  It was six months of planning, quickly done, but seriously over the top in my books.  Blogs were published, website active, features, etc, but all in all, it was THE day that we had both wanted as well as sharing it with the people who meant the world to us and supported by our amazing children.  November 2, 2013 will forever be a magical day that brought two families, two cultures under one roof for one amazing celebration.

With all the plannings ups and downs, somewhere along the way I decided that I LOVED event planning.

AOSO business cardW16

So as I do with most things, I jumped right in with both feet (yes, I do realize that’s not always the sane thing to do..LOL) and created my business of Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner and Life Saver called ACT ONE SCENE ONE.  The website is active and doing well.  I have three events planned so far which is wonderful considering the short amount of time I have been in business and I’m enjoying ALL OF IT.

All in all, 2013 for me was a magical year. I am a big believer that nothing will ever go smoothly, some years better than others.  But I have comto 

From my Family to Yours, Happy New Year!!even with the bumps and bruises along the way. I went from being someone’s girlfriend, to being his fiance, to being his WIFE.  A year I truly will never forget.  Married life is amazing.  I carry my husband’s name with pride.  My badge of honor let’s say.  simply appreciate our time, whatever years that may be.  The old saying goes, Live Today, Tomorrow is not a guarantee.  That is very true.  No one will predict what kind of year we will have.  But as long as we cherish the moment we have, right here and right now, and choose to be present in our present, then asking for more is simply a selfish act.  We tend to not appreciate our moments in time, our very small space on this earth.  So hug the ones you love, let them know they are special.  Cherish the moments that you will never get back, no matter how big or how small.  Life is about living NOW, not LATER.


About Act One Scene One

I am a Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner and Life Saver. I aim to fullfil a couples dreams for their wedding. I want to help companies with their staff appreciation events, employee recognition, non-profit organizations with fundraising events. There are truly no limits to what type of event we can help with. I am well on my way with having a great database of amazing local vendors and companies to help narrow the field down for everyone's specific needs. Call us for a Consultation.
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