I be getting me on of those Fancy Capes!!

Here it is the week before Christmas, and somewhere along the way I have lost my mind, and I’m giving a reward to anyone who may find it!  🙂  Thank you.

Seriously though, who invented this season of driving every square inch of the city in not so great (lets be serious, I’m in the snow up to my wazoo) scratching off list after list that seem to have taken root in my purse just to get what accomplished exactly?  See how that works, you start off just to end up having no idea what you were doing in the first place.  Believe it or not that last sentence actually made sense to me…LOL

superwomanSo I have now declared myself a Super Woman and I deserve one of them fancy Capes.  When I look over the last 45 days, I brought together an amazing wedding (patting myself on the back since it was my own) have done 6 craft shows, yes lets count that again, 6 craft shows, decided that it was a good idea to host Christmas Eve for my new Polish family as well as my own, so that means 20 people in attendance for supper, yup, I said 20, cooking, menu planning, decorating, etc, etc, AND planning two events within one week of each other……….anyone else exhausted.  Oh did I fail to mention that my daughter announced her engagement with a wedding date 9 months away which of course required the most amazing Wedding Planner (a.k.a. MOI, MOMMY, EVENT PLANNER).  🙂

All this just to say, WHY do we (and mainly I mean women I suppose) did this to ourselves?  I have failed to figure this one out and I would love to know the reasoning behind it if such a thing exists.

My children once told me “Mom, you wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t live in Chaos”.  Good Lord, can that be true!  Yes.  I fully admit that though I rant and rave, yawn and take it all out of my beloved NEW husband (LOL), I would in fact most likely be miserable if I didn’t live in Chaos.  Organized chaos, but chaos none the less.  I think we thrive on it.  I think we do it for many reasons, maybe to feel that we have accomplished something, secretly maybe get a little “Ah honey come here, I’ll rub your shoulders” (nope that’s not it!), maybe it’s to shamefully take FULL credit for all the wonderful things we do and how it all gets done.  Honestly, joking aside, I do believe that we do it to ourselves for many of the reasons above and the fact that we were more than likely raised in such a fashion.

I have yet to read a Facebook status from a man who is panicked because the Christmas shopping isn’t done yet, or that the baking isn’t quite finished, or that everything has not yet been wrapped, christmas cards are in the mail, the out of town gifts have been mailed………but rather, the cute little joke that their busiest day of shopping (a.k.a. December 24th) is soon arriving. I vividly remember Christmases past, the man in my life as excited as my girls on Christmas morning, simply because he had no more of an idea of what was wrapped in those beautiful packages than the girls did!!  LOL

strong-womenSo for all my ranting and raving and male bashing..Haha, I am actually happy to have earned my Cape.  I wear it with pride, and though there are days that it may not necessarily like it, I love feeling busy, I love doing things for my family, and I love planning it all.  I just do.  I don’t think anyone needs to rationalize why we drive ourselves nuts, just accept it for what it is!!  Joyful Bliss of Christmas (and the remaining 364 days of the year) 🙂

Merry Christmas to All and a most prosperous New Year.  May 2014 be a most eventful, fun filled, healthy year!


About Act One Scene One

I am a Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner and Life Saver. I aim to fullfil a couples dreams for their wedding. I want to help companies with their staff appreciation events, employee recognition, non-profit organizations with fundraising events. There are truly no limits to what type of event we can help with. I am well on my way with having a great database of amazing local vendors and companies to help narrow the field down for everyone's specific needs. Call us for a Consultation.
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