It seems that my eating habits have been dubbed as “weird”.  LOL  I take this lightly I assure you, and certainly do not take offense, but it did bring to light, why eating healthy, low fat, high protein, low sugar and low carb is considered weird….(omg, that’s funny).  They call my lifestyle the “cardboard” diet, and even then I’d really have to check the nutritional value of cardboard.

As much as some would love to simply put blame on “gastric bypass” and messing around with my inside, I would probably beg do differ on that diagnosis.  It does not have TO DO with my surgery, but rather having accepted some 4 years ago that these would be the choices that I would make.  Gastric Bypass does NOT stop me from having all the naughty foods out there.  I am no different than anyone else, and YES, I can eat all the goody, fried, fatty, yummy, awesome foods.  I simply choose to limit those goodies.  Gastric Bypass, a misconception by many, DOES NOT stop anyone from eating whatever they would like.  What it should do is instill in you the proper eating habits, which caused our obesity, all the while maintaining the proper portions of food, proper healthy and an active lifestyle.  Voila, no big secret.

So I don’t choose to believe that I eat WEIRD (though I am secretly completely fine with that title..LOL), I choose the maximize the space in “Tammy the Tummy” (my nickname for my pouch) that I am allowed with healthy foods that are flavorful and nutritious.  It’s really that simple.  I don’t want a dried up piece of chicken.  Woohoo (yawnnnnnn).  So I seek out meals that have spices and ingredients that will fill me properly and will taste YUMMY!!

So if weird it is, then I can live with that.  I love the flavors of Kimchi, fermented and spicy.  I adore smoothies with spinach and berries and yogurt and nuts. Soba Noodles are outstanding.  I love love love Soy Sprouts that I seem to only be able to get at T. & T.  Big fan of seaweed, great snack.  I Seeking out new trends such as Coconut Oil, Coconut milk and Coconut Amino have enhanced my meals tremendously.  Kasha (Buckwheat) as an amazing alternative to Rice.  It’s simply unknown.

2013-11-30 15.03.53I had an amazing trip today to Market Organics in the Byward Market.  They are great.  And if you go in there with one plan at a time, one recipe at a time, then you will start becoming familiar with the ingredients.  Today’s venture was to get Coconut Amino.  Husband left me and went on the search since he knows very well that I like to look and read everything.  Sure enough, he came back with my treasure.  Coconut Sauce it was called.  And what it comes down to, it’s Soya Sauce with the Soy.  Mission accomplished.  When we got to the register there were protein bars and protein chips.  Of course they got my attention.  So read the package, and took a bag.  OMG, heaven in a bag, filling, and totally takes care of my munchie 2013-11-30 15.04.12crunchy cravings.  If you see Simply Protein Chips then grab yourself a few.  You will love these.

I’ve posted a picture of tonight adventure in food land.  I’m not sure I can say everything that’s in it because I rarely follow any kind of recipe or amounts for that matter, but I’ll do my best.  How much of what is totally up to you.

Firm Tofu cut into cubes (I marinated in a spice blend of garlic salt, chipotle powder, herbe de provance and coconut sauce)

Pork chops, pounded thinly (ok so I totally used my tortilla press to do this and it works magic)

Soy Bean Sprouts, Oyster mushrooms, chinese cabbage, edamame, coconut oil


2013-11-30 16.54.26In a hot pan, add mirin, and tofu with marinade.  Toss in the mushrooms, and the mirin.  Toss in the soy beans and cabbage and edamame.  Stir fry together for a few minutes till everything is heated through.

In another pan, pan fry the pork. This will be quick since they are so thin.  You can remove the mixture from above and quickly fry up the pork to get some of the sauce flavor.

2013-11-30 16.58.02Serve.  I added toasted sesame seeds on top.  Weird Huh!  LOL

Therefore, in order to summerize, I don’t have a secret plant somewhere making these things for me.  I buy them at regular grocery stores.  It’s a matter of just trying different things.

Let us rejoice our WEIRDNESS………..LOL  Enjoy your food, make if healthy, pay attention to you portions and pump in a bunch of FLAVOR as you can!!

Health and Love Always.


About Act One Scene One

I am a Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner and Life Saver. I aim to fullfil a couples dreams for their wedding. I want to help companies with their staff appreciation events, employee recognition, non-profit organizations with fundraising events. There are truly no limits to what type of event we can help with. I am well on my way with having a great database of amazing local vendors and companies to help narrow the field down for everyone's specific needs. Call us for a Consultation.
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