Do not mess with a Craving

Or should I say don’t mess with a “woman” who has a craving.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my……off the wall, OMG I just have to have it, of course I don’t have everything here….kinda craving…LOL  It happens and that little voice won’t go away either.  It taunts you, follows you, speaks loudly at time to the point where you then psycho analyze every means of getting out of the house, get the ingredients and accomplish your mission.  But……….

2013-11-27 08.01.47It really never does happen that way.  Because Lo and Behold, IT’S A SNOW DAY.  There is no getting out, there is no “speedy drive to the store”, there is NO WAY of satisfying your craving.  How sad.  😦  So you attempt to put it out of your head….right!  That’s not going to happen.  But look outside (see attached photo of what I woke up to, and secretly I think our sub-conscience knows it and totally does on purpose to bring it to the forefront just to annoy the living &%$% out of you) and you are faced with an unsurmountable amount of SNOW.  Of course.

So what is it?  What was causing me this complete and utter discomfort?  I wanted tortilla shells.  Not the store bought ones (which frankly would have been soooooo much easier).  Nope..I wanted the handmade ones.  Of course having just purchased my amazing tortilla press, I wanted to make some.  I didn’t even care if there was gluten in it.  I was ready for it, I wanted those shells, I wanted to make fajitas…….Oh good lord, the drool.

There was no way I was letting this go.  But sending Husband to the store since he was already out of this snow dilemma was futile since that man wouldn’t have any kind of idea of what I needed.  So off to the pantry I go (after of course looking online as to what I needed).  Now one would think……She has the CORN tortilla powder.  Powder, water, done, tortilla.  Of course NOT, that would be too easy.  I wanted the flour ones, the roll them up after stuffing them with fresh goodness kinda tortilla.

Not surprisingly as I hit the pantry I came to me suddenly…….crap, I gave my flour to my daughter.  Of course I did.  I don’t do gluten and frankly this accessory was useless to me (at the time…  LOL)  I had the egg, I had the baking soda, and lard, well I had coconut oil and in a “lard” consistency, so the taste was just on the tip of my tongue.  But NO flour, that’s a biggy.  And because I wanted this sooooo bad, I didn’t even have any Almond Flour, Chickpea Flour etc, etc.

In my desperation, and decided to use………….my imagination.  Now that is a dangerous route to take, because there are numerous times when I get like this that it tasted much better in my head then what actually came out on the plate.  So I scoured my pantry and found the following.  I’ll write down what I used just in case anyone would be interested, but WOW, how happy was I?  Happy than a pig….well you know how that goes…LOL  They were a wee bit crunchy, not as pliable as I would have like, but much better than using the Corn version, and frankly, OOBER YUMMY!!  So my craving has been satisfied and all is well in my world.  Yah for ME!!

2013-11-27 15.04.55Tortilla dough

2.5 cups of GF pizza flour (I got that a long time ago at Bulk Barn)

1.5 cups of Hemp (not overly grainy so it didn’t need crushing)

2 tsp of baking soda

2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil (in a lard-ish consistency, just not liquid)

Herbs (to your liking and optional.  Read directions)

1.5 cups of cold water

Mix flour, hemp, baking soda and coconut oil in a bowl and kneed with your hands until oil is spread through the flour and hemp mixture.  Crumbly.  I then added a touch of garlic salt and about 1 tablespoon of dried marjoram.  But this is where you can play with flavors.

Add the water and bring everything together.  I then let it sit for about 30 minutes.  The dough will still be sticky, but manageable.  About 1 tablespoon each rounded like a golf ball.  Place in a 6 inch tortilla press and SQUISH!!  Add to a dry frying pan on medium heat.  Just make sure it’s not smoking.  Toast your tortilla on each side.

At this point, I put them in paper towel and cover them completely allowing for them to sit in their own steam which keeps them pliable.  Then I wrap the whole thing in foil until they are ready to use.  I only made 8 of them and placed the remaining dough completely wrapped in the fridge.

So my experiment worked, supper was amazing and I managed to make tortillas out of …..well sheer desperation….LOL

Health and Love Always


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