Not the Coordinator, but the Bride

My many traveled roads have now branched off once again.  I have ventured onto a new journey, one of which I didn’t expect, but possibly hoped for. (Yes another journey, don’t judge me….LOL)

AOSO business cardSomething that would wake up my senses, my creativity, my love of all things people.  I have launched a new business as many have heard and word is certainly getting around nicely, called Act One Scene One.  The response has been amazing with all my existing crafty vendors and some new vendors that I keep discovering daily.

What I had not expected was the passion it would create within me.  Let’s put aside for one minute that it all started really when I began to plan on my own wedding.  What I found when putting this together was that it seemed almost the greatest mix of all that I love to do, and all that I do well.  I am hoping to get my degree along the way in event management, though not exactly necessary, but I believe in credibility so if I’m to walk the walk, I’m going to talk the talk.

Six months ago, when my fiance and I decided to set the date and get the party rolling, I didn’t realize at the time that it would not be a ball rolling but rather a runaway train, but one I still have complete control over.   I have been having a blast, and like most things in my life, when I’m given something that I’m excited about I run with it.  Sooooooo you can find my new venture at  You are very welcome to follow me on twitter @Act1Scene1 and on Facebook at .

1375892_10151967352117139_1477848488_nAs my own wedding planning comes to an end (geez that’s sad…..), I am trying to put that Wedding Coordinator part of me aside (not that easy, I’m blogging 4 days before…LOL) and trying to assume my role of Bride.  I suppose it’s reminiscent of doctors/nurses trying to be patients.  When do you stop telling people what to do and just enjoy this journey.  Those who have had their wonderful day know how quickly we will be using the past tense to describe our Wedding.  “OMG, doesn’t it seem like just yesterday we got engaged?”….”Wow, it’s Christmas already, didn’t we just get Married?”…..”It was just like that turkey dinner wasn’t it? ALL THAT COOKING and it’s done and over in 10 minutes”…..LOL well you know what I mean.

So for those followers of the wedding process, thank you.  We are still updating the wedding site which can be found at (this exact same feature is available to all future couples who book their wedding with me FREE of charge for the full length of their planning process).

What I AM looking forward to however, is having someone else live this same experience.  I have had the greatest time and immense joy planning our perfect wedding, and though there were bumps in the road along the way with a tremendous amount of work, it was well worth it, and it will be well worth doing it again.  I am ready!!

Just as an after thought, I am not restricting my business to wedding planning but rather all event planning.  I will be concentrating on Wedding Coordination, but I am fully open to any kind of event.  Anniversaries, Birthdays, Special Occasions, Employee/Employer functions, Fundraisers, etc.  It’s going to be a blast.



Health, Love and Happiness Always.


About Act One Scene One

I am a Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner and Life Saver. I aim to fullfil a couples dreams for their wedding. I want to help companies with their staff appreciation events, employee recognition, non-profit organizations with fundraising events. There are truly no limits to what type of event we can help with. I am well on my way with having a great database of amazing local vendors and companies to help narrow the field down for everyone's specific needs. Call us for a Consultation.
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