The “WOW” factor.

As per Wikipedia “Wow”, means ……………well absolutely nothing because it’snot listed….LOL  But on another site it states “said to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure”  In theory, yes, that’s what it means.  But for me, this is my “magic” word…..LOL  I can use it in all kinds of instances, without really disclosing what I’m really thinking and that is the pure beauty of the word “Wow”.

When I’m shocked…….woooooow (a.k.a. are you kidding me? I can’t believe that.)

When I’m enthused/or not….wow, how nice. (see how you really can’t tell if I like it or not?  It’s a beautiful thing…..LOL)

When I’m amazed…, is that ever cool.

When I’m in disbelief…….woooooooooow (a.k.a. Really??)

When I don’t want to insult anyone…….Wow, that’s interesting (I’m going to keep my mouth shut on this one…LOL)

When I’m excited……..WOW isn’t that awesome!!  Yah!!

The list is probably not endless, but it certainly hasn’t gotten me out of some tight spots on many an occasion.  My favorite, is just commenting………………Wow (you don’t know if I’m happy for you, shocked, or annoyed….LOL).  That’s the funnest one of all.  But again, it keeps my lips shut tight, avoiding any unappreciated advice, but still getting my thoughts out there.

Now that’s the WOW factor.  I’m a big fan!!  🙂


About Act One Scene One

I am a Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner and Life Saver. I aim to fullfil a couples dreams for their wedding. I want to help companies with their staff appreciation events, employee recognition, non-profit organizations with fundraising events. There are truly no limits to what type of event we can help with. I am well on my way with having a great database of amazing local vendors and companies to help narrow the field down for everyone's specific needs. Call us for a Consultation.
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