NutriBullet Review

Alrighty folks, anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen gadgets, but rarely do I indulge in the lure of “come hither”.  And even more rarely do I pay attention to infomercials but this one caught my eye, and therefore, I paid attention and decided to give it a try.

OMG, is all I can say.  How excited am I.  Now I know, people have their blenders, blitzers, chewer uppers, grinders, mix master, etc.  So why did I buy this?  Well first and foremost, I don’t have any state of the art STUFF as listed above, but more importantly was my need to find something that would give me more nutrition than I could ever possibly eat.

20130823_110042It’s a well known fact……..I’m Gastric Bypass and therefore have a very tiny tiny tummy!!  LOL and being Gastric Bypass means having a very difficult time getting your body to ABSORB anything, and mostly nutrients.  So I figured that making it into a supershake, without all the leafy, chunky pieces that would you would normally get by doing it with your average blender.

Voila, the NutriBullet from Magic Bullet ( and can also be found on FB at  So all the pictures included are what I got when I ordered from the original website.   Wow, what treasures.  And first impression…….wholly cow, it’s alot bigger than I anticipated which made me even happier as I was unpacking.

20130823_110052There was the immense motor, which according to online research is pretty much the BOMB.  The obvious choice would truly be the Vitamix, but it seems that paying a small mortgage for the machine was just not in my budget.  You get three sizes of containers, the large one could easily feed me for a full day!  You get the powerhouse chopper blade, and then you get a second blade which is BONUS cause it does all kinds of grinding of nuts, herbs and coffee.  There are also spare lids if you don’t finish your shake and want to put it away in the refrigerator.  You also get a handy pocket guide for your purse, that tells you what greens, nuts and fruit benefit what!  The user’s guide has an abundance of recipes and some great healthful tips.  The BIG BONUS is a hardcover book that has over 200 glossy pages of AWESOMENESS!!

20130823_110120My shopping list is ready, I’m out the door, and I’m super excited!! I’m on information overload right now, cause I want to make a bunch of them…. 🙂   I’m a big fan on this machine!!  Life is good!  And for the value, I think it’s worth every penny…  🙂

Tackle life one smoothie at a time….LOL  Hope you have a good read, and a better idea of what this machine is if you had ideas of getting one!!

Health and Love 🙂


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One Response to NutriBullet Review

  1. Linda says:

    I bought one a year ago, and burned the motor on mine… 😦 Cause I used it too much…lol…Good luck, I actually miss mine, I have a ninja blender now, but I actually miss my nutri bullet….

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