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Ascension – Nadine Lalonde : Xlibris

Ascension – Nadine Lalonde : Xlibris. An old and dear high school friend has written her novel.  What an amazing accomplishment.  I am honored to spread the word and wish her the best success.  Please visit the website and buy … Continue reading

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Kimchi Soba (Great stage name I think…LOL)

I saw a few things this morning that I wanted to test out in the kitchen.  So they may not be pretty, but OMG (a.k.a. Oh My Godddddd) they taste GREAT!!  With a little finesse and some imagination when it … Continue reading

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When an idea actually works!

Well this post came to me tonight, because I had done groceries, and I don’t know about you, but I start looking at everything I bought and want to implement ALL of it into one meal…LOL  But then you start … Continue reading

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Lets Soba

I’ve got a couple of recipes, and you know I only blog about those that I would DEFINITELY made again.  These are gluten free, and they were yummy!!  🙂  As I’ve always stated, for those with Gastric Bypass, we eat … Continue reading

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NutriBullet Review

Alrighty folks, anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kitchen gadgets, but rarely do I indulge in the lure of “come hither”.  And even more rarely do I pay attention to infomercials but this one caught … Continue reading

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Where’s the rest of it??

As I continue my journey (there is no destination…LOL) I came across a realization about myself, that has probably taken the better part of 45 years to figure out.  Well ok, maybe not that long, cause I’m pretty sure I … Continue reading

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My addiction to Kasha…LOL (that’s not a bad thing)

Hey everyone!!  I have a few recipes to post, and I’ll get to that as soon as I can.  Unfortunately, with planning my wedding, that project has taken up quite a bit of my time, along with getting back on … Continue reading

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