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Mourning the Loss, Celebrating the Loss!

My title might seem a little strange, and yet, to me it makes perfect sense.  It might hit home with some of my readers more than others, but I think all in all everyone mourns a loss and at the … Continue reading

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Pasta with “Chick-A-Pea” Sauce….and other good stuff

Alrighty, as promised, here is another one of my amazing, wonderful, super delicious meal that I made this week…(alright, so that boost of self-esteem was purely self indulgent…LOL) Now where to begin with this one.  Alright, well let’s get the … Continue reading

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It’s a control thing!

As many who follow my blog know, I have had many healthy challenges throughout the past couple of years.   I was recently asked by my OUTSTANDING doctor “Do you have any regrets?”.  Meaning my Gastric Bypass of course.  Knowing … Continue reading

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Got Heart?

I certainly couldn’t let the month of February go without one little blog about Heart and Stroke Month. Time has certainly got away from me, but something reminded me today, and of course it reminded me of where I was … Continue reading

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