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Life isn’t always Rainbows and Sunshine is it?

I find myself in that “mood” sometimes where you still try to see the Rainbows in your life, and sometimes it’s just a little more difficult to seek out than others. So what better way to find my Sunshine is … Continue reading

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Miracle Noodles

Well who couldn’t post about something that is just……well simply a Miracle.  Miracle Noodles, my favorite food, my savior, my answer to the pasta I’ll never eat again!!  😦  But do I mind??  Not anymore I don’t and as long … Continue reading

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Three Years!!

Of course I can’t let this day go by without a bit of nostalgia. It has been three years since I went into the operating room and came out a whole new person. You couldn’t see it, but I know … Continue reading

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