Ongoing Research – Reactive Hypoglycemia – Carbohydrate Intolerance

So it seems that finding out more about my recent diagnosis of Reactive Hypoglycemia and Carbohydrate Intolerance has proven to be quite difficult at best.  There are several articles on what it is, no worries there, but nothing that includes both, nor that includes the third aspect of being Gastric Bypass.

So I guess it will be up to me, myself and I to figure this stuff out, along with my wonderful physician whom I’ve been blessed enough to meet and who is more than interested in working with someone who has Gastric Bypass.  I’m taking notes, I’m doing alot of reading, and I’ll use this wonderful vehicle of communication to get the word out and Hopefully, Hopefully help someone else who is fighting the same battle.

I do believe that in a previous blog I put up the link to WHAT Reactive Hypoglycemia  was exactly, but I’ll go a little further and put a link to Carbohydrate Intolerance .  Now they are similar and yet seem worlds apart, but in general, it comes down to a carb total of less than 50mg a day and the same would apply for sugar.  Adding the fact that I am Gastric Bypass and have my rules and regulations to follow, as well as maintaining my weight loss, eating my protein, keeping the whole to about 1 to 1.5 cups of food and have malabsorption (we don’t absorb nutrients very well), how, oh how do I maintain energy!!!  Phew I’m exhausted!!  🙂  LOL

As for everything else, I tend to turn to the internet and my own research skills to seek out what I’m looking for and ideas on how to proceed.  I may or may not have mentioned, but I have a new AWESOME doctor, but since this is all new, we are weeding out everything between the two of us.  I’m certainly hoping someone from the Gastric Bypass and Weight Loss surgery world will read this and either benefit from what I’m writing, or have more ideas.  I will however direct anyone to this great site.  I’ve ordered FOOD, stuff I can eat….LOL  And I’ve been happy to re-introduce wraps to my life….YEAH!!  I also had pasta the other night, woohoo!!  So let’s keep it going.  Please visit The Low Carb Grocery . The best process I have every experienced and I’m going to re-order and re-order.

I will put up any recipes that I make or come across to help out.  But for now, this is my life.
Welcome to it.


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2 Responses to Ongoing Research – Reactive Hypoglycemia – Carbohydrate Intolerance

  1. I am fighting the same battle and would love to find out what you know about the relationship. I have struggled for many years to get help since I’m normal weight and BMI and doctors tend to look at me and think I’m healthy. I’m anything but…. I also tested positive for small bowel bacterial overgrowth, which is believed to cause problems with absorptions. I would love to talk to you about this.

    • magicneedles says:

      Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, I’m still working with my doctor to find out what the relationship between the Gastric Bypass and Reactive Hypoglycemia. The only research I’ve found, and that’s very little on the subject because they are still trying to really put a positive link between the two. The only link at this point is “intestinal” surgery. Since Gastric involves moving the intestine and moving it up, then they’ve “messed” with it and they are now seeing more cases of hypoglycemia in GB patients. How to control it, well that’s a whole different ball game. I am NOT taking the medication prescribed, and my doctor is aware of this. I do, however, carry it with me. I do alot of research, blog on many recipes that don’t spike my blood sugar, but it’s still a hit and miss product. What I thought would work, doesn’t, and does work, I wouldn’t think would. It’s still a work in progress. I’ve also started taking my required vitamins in chewable formats for better absorption. This was recommended by my doctor. Anything else, feel free to ask.

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