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As many know, my journey as of late has been to find things to eat and drink that still give me that warm (or cool) fuzzy feeling…lol So yesterday was a great day for that. Now who doesn’t love love … Continue reading

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Sylvie Safe Iced Coffee :)

Alright, so I have a co-worker to blame for this one, but since I hate WATER, I know, save the hate mail!!  I just can’t seem to tolerate it, and it’s bland, and ya, just generally not entertaining at all….LOL … Continue reading

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Ongoing Research – Reactive Hypoglycemia – Carbohydrate Intolerance

So it seems that finding out more about my recent diagnosis of Reactive Hypoglycemia and Carbohydrate Intolerance has proven to be quite difficult at best.  There are several articles on what it is, no worries there, but nothing that includes … Continue reading

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How easily we forget to reconnect……with OURSELVES!!  For a long time after my WLS I had promised myself that I would now come first in my life since without me, what good is it to those around me if I’m … Continue reading

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Never underestimate the Power of a “Hissie Fit”

Soooooooo, Hmmmmmm, LOL  How to start this one.  Frankly I just loved the title, but then kept thinking there is not much that one can say on the subject that will make me look good in any way shape or … Continue reading

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WLS, always a surprise

So as some may or may not know, I am 2.5years post-op from Gastric Bypass.  I like to believe that my surgery and subsequent journey have been textbook and seamless, but that wouldnot exactly be the truth.  My recovery and … Continue reading

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Stop what You’re doing and…..Start LIVING!

Have you ever noticed how so few people really live their lives?  Some have so little going on that other people’s lives seem more interesting to them, and live vicariously through others.  These people feel the need to know everything … Continue reading

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Wish, Hope, Dream…………Then make it Happen

What a wonderful concept.  This particular one is one that I learnt along my journey.  Scary to think that I only think of these things now, when I ponder on the past, but that in my “old” frame of mind, … Continue reading

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