Let’s Rewind

20131228_191725I find myself sitting here at an unusually early hour for me, with my mind full of tasks that need to be accomplished over the next 18 hours before hosting the New Years Eve events at our place.  As is my character (I am a planner after all) there seems to be a whirlwind of thing to do.  And knowing myself, I will moan and complain that I’m not getting anything attended to or achieved (which secretly I am) and my frustration and feeling of unproductivity will rise to surpass any form of common sense that I have left and ultimately my new husband will be the benefactor of this insanity which I am sure he is accustomed to…….Well at least I know who I am and how I work….LOL

With all that said, I suppose my early rising was due to really wanting to put down my thoughts and having some time to quietly think about the past year as we say adieu to 2013 and welcome yet a New Year and a new adventure.

Since looking back I did not think that the events of this year would even happen, therefore i really have no predictions to make for what the coming year will bring.  I prefer to take it in stride, take control over what I choose to do and leave the rest up to the higher powers that be to intervene as they see fit.  That seems to work for me.

In early 2013 I remember being quite upset actually.  The Love of my Life, my best friend had NOT proposed as I had hoped (or actually anticipated).  This had emotionally set me back somewhat.  But short of that, this relationship was a strong one, and he knew my feelings and we had had many conversations about where we wanted to be in the near future.  So pushing my feelings of the ultimate commitment aside (since I knew we were together for the long haul no matter what) we decided to do some house hunting.  We had chosen to put forth our efforts of being homeowners.  We visited many places, had truly only found one that we truly liked (not adored, but liked) and we chose to continue our search.

imagesAt this same time, I was truly struck down with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.  This was a difficult time of adjustment.  For the months of February to at least April, the pain was severe.  The time it took me to simply get out of bed was ridiculous and ultimately putting me in a state of frustration and complete fatigue.  My nights were spent most of the time awake due to pain, waking me up at every turn of my body.  As many know of me, I’m not one to take this sitting down (pardon me) and sought out my most amazing doctor (again) who has always been there with a listening ear.  He solidified the diagnosis and then we moved onward and upward to find a reasonable solution.  I say reasonable because the fact is, the pain will never go away.  It’s tolerable most of the time, and I simply choose to not let it get the better of me, just as I have the other ailments that have progressed after Gastric Bypass surgery.  Regrets?  Not a single one since the alternative would have been much worse.

.facebook_371681425FINALLY, in late April, 2013 my best friend of all time PROPOSED!!  And I didn’t even see it coming, which for him is a compliment.  He will say that during the evening I had “trashed” on him already about not moving on with life, not having made a commitment to me……..yadda yadda yadda (all true..LOL) when all the time he had the ring in his pocket!!  So he simply giggled at my ill mood and proceeded to wait for our song, brought me on the dance floor where he had first seen me, and asked me to be his wife.  Not a bad year so far, one third of the way in.  So after some discussion, we decided that people had waited long enough for our union (including his poor mother having waited 43 years to see her son get married 🙂 )

M&S-350Therefore, we opted to put the home on hold and invested all we had into a spectacular event.  It was six months of planning, quickly done, but seriously over the top in my books.  Blogs were published, website active, features, etc, but all in all, it was THE day that we had both wanted as well as sharing it with the people who meant the world to us and supported by our amazing children.  November 2, 2013 will forever be a magical day that brought two families, two cultures under one roof for one amazing celebration.

With all the plannings ups and downs, somewhere along the way I decided that I LOVED event planning.

AOSO business cardW16

So as I do with most things, I jumped right in with both feet (yes, I do realize that’s not always the sane thing to do..LOL) and created my business of Wedding Coordinator/ Event Planner and Life Saver called ACT ONE SCENE ONE.  The website is active and doing well.  I have three events planned so far which is wonderful considering the short amount of time I have been in business and I’m enjoying ALL OF IT.

All in all, 2013 for me was a magical year. I am a big believer that nothing will ever go smoothly, some years better than others.  But I have comto 

From my Family to Yours, Happy New Year!!even with the bumps and bruises along the way. I went from being someone’s girlfriend, to being his fiance, to being his WIFE.  A year I truly will never forget.  Married life is amazing.  I carry my husband’s name with pride.  My badge of honor let’s say.  simply appreciate our time, whatever years that may be.  The old saying goes, Live Today, Tomorrow is not a guarantee.  That is very true.  No one will predict what kind of year we will have.  But as long as we cherish the moment we have, right here and right now, and choose to be present in our present, then asking for more is simply a selfish act.  We tend to not appreciate our moments in time, our very small space on this earth.  So hug the ones you love, let them know they are special.  Cherish the moments that you will never get back, no matter how big or how small.  Life is about living NOW, not LATER.

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I be getting me on of those Fancy Capes!!

Here it is the week before Christmas, and somewhere along the way I have lost my mind, and I’m giving a reward to anyone who may find it!  🙂  Thank you.

Seriously though, who invented this season of driving every square inch of the city in not so great (lets be serious, I’m in the snow up to my wazoo) scratching off list after list that seem to have taken root in my purse just to get what accomplished exactly?  See how that works, you start off just to end up having no idea what you were doing in the first place.  Believe it or not that last sentence actually made sense to me…LOL

superwomanSo I have now declared myself a Super Woman and I deserve one of them fancy Capes.  When I look over the last 45 days, I brought together an amazing wedding (patting myself on the back since it was my own) have done 6 craft shows, yes lets count that again, 6 craft shows, decided that it was a good idea to host Christmas Eve for my new Polish family as well as my own, so that means 20 people in attendance for supper, yup, I said 20, cooking, menu planning, decorating, etc, etc, AND planning two events within one week of each other……….anyone else exhausted.  Oh did I fail to mention that my daughter announced her engagement with a wedding date 9 months away which of course required the most amazing Wedding Planner (a.k.a. MOI, MOMMY, EVENT PLANNER).  🙂

All this just to say, WHY do we (and mainly I mean women I suppose) did this to ourselves?  I have failed to figure this one out and I would love to know the reasoning behind it if such a thing exists.

My children once told me “Mom, you wouldn’t be happy if you didn’t live in Chaos”.  Good Lord, can that be true!  Yes.  I fully admit that though I rant and rave, yawn and take it all out of my beloved NEW husband (LOL), I would in fact most likely be miserable if I didn’t live in Chaos.  Organized chaos, but chaos none the less.  I think we thrive on it.  I think we do it for many reasons, maybe to feel that we have accomplished something, secretly maybe get a little “Ah honey come here, I’ll rub your shoulders” (nope that’s not it!), maybe it’s to shamefully take FULL credit for all the wonderful things we do and how it all gets done.  Honestly, joking aside, I do believe that we do it to ourselves for many of the reasons above and the fact that we were more than likely raised in such a fashion.

I have yet to read a Facebook status from a man who is panicked because the Christmas shopping isn’t done yet, or that the baking isn’t quite finished, or that everything has not yet been wrapped, christmas cards are in the mail, the out of town gifts have been mailed………but rather, the cute little joke that their busiest day of shopping (a.k.a. December 24th) is soon arriving. I vividly remember Christmases past, the man in my life as excited as my girls on Christmas morning, simply because he had no more of an idea of what was wrapped in those beautiful packages than the girls did!!  LOL

strong-womenSo for all my ranting and raving and male bashing..Haha, I am actually happy to have earned my Cape.  I wear it with pride, and though there are days that it may not necessarily like it, I love feeling busy, I love doing things for my family, and I love planning it all.  I just do.  I don’t think anyone needs to rationalize why we drive ourselves nuts, just accept it for what it is!!  Joyful Bliss of Christmas (and the remaining 364 days of the year) 🙂

Merry Christmas to All and a most prosperous New Year.  May 2014 be a most eventful, fun filled, healthy year!

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It seems that my eating habits have been dubbed as “weird”.  LOL  I take this lightly I assure you, and certainly do not take offense, but it did bring to light, why eating healthy, low fat, high protein, low sugar and low carb is considered weird….(omg, that’s funny).  They call my lifestyle the “cardboard” diet, and even then I’d really have to check the nutritional value of cardboard.

As much as some would love to simply put blame on “gastric bypass” and messing around with my inside, I would probably beg do differ on that diagnosis.  It does not have TO DO with my surgery, but rather having accepted some 4 years ago that these would be the choices that I would make.  Gastric Bypass does NOT stop me from having all the naughty foods out there.  I am no different than anyone else, and YES, I can eat all the goody, fried, fatty, yummy, awesome foods.  I simply choose to limit those goodies.  Gastric Bypass, a misconception by many, DOES NOT stop anyone from eating whatever they would like.  What it should do is instill in you the proper eating habits, which caused our obesity, all the while maintaining the proper portions of food, proper healthy and an active lifestyle.  Voila, no big secret.

So I don’t choose to believe that I eat WEIRD (though I am secretly completely fine with that title..LOL), I choose the maximize the space in “Tammy the Tummy” (my nickname for my pouch) that I am allowed with healthy foods that are flavorful and nutritious.  It’s really that simple.  I don’t want a dried up piece of chicken.  Woohoo (yawnnnnnn).  So I seek out meals that have spices and ingredients that will fill me properly and will taste YUMMY!!

So if weird it is, then I can live with that.  I love the flavors of Kimchi, fermented and spicy.  I adore smoothies with spinach and berries and yogurt and nuts. Soba Noodles are outstanding.  I love love love Soy Sprouts that I seem to only be able to get at T. & T.  Big fan of seaweed, great snack.  I Seeking out new trends such as Coconut Oil, Coconut milk and Coconut Amino have enhanced my meals tremendously.  Kasha (Buckwheat) as an amazing alternative to Rice.  It’s simply unknown.

2013-11-30 15.03.53I had an amazing trip today to Market Organics in the Byward Market.  They are great.  And if you go in there with one plan at a time, one recipe at a time, then you will start becoming familiar with the ingredients.  Today’s venture was to get Coconut Amino.  Husband left me and went on the search since he knows very well that I like to look and read everything.  Sure enough, he came back with my treasure.  Coconut Sauce it was called.  And what it comes down to, it’s Soya Sauce with the Soy.  Mission accomplished.  When we got to the register there were protein bars and protein chips.  Of course they got my attention.  So read the package, and took a bag.  OMG, heaven in a bag, filling, and totally takes care of my munchie 2013-11-30 15.04.12crunchy cravings.  If you see Simply Protein Chips then grab yourself a few.  You will love these.

I’ve posted a picture of tonight adventure in food land.  I’m not sure I can say everything that’s in it because I rarely follow any kind of recipe or amounts for that matter, but I’ll do my best.  How much of what is totally up to you.

Firm Tofu cut into cubes (I marinated in a spice blend of garlic salt, chipotle powder, herbe de provance and coconut sauce)

Pork chops, pounded thinly (ok so I totally used my tortilla press to do this and it works magic)

Soy Bean Sprouts, Oyster mushrooms, chinese cabbage, edamame, coconut oil


2013-11-30 16.54.26In a hot pan, add mirin, and tofu with marinade.  Toss in the mushrooms, and the mirin.  Toss in the soy beans and cabbage and edamame.  Stir fry together for a few minutes till everything is heated through.

In another pan, pan fry the pork. This will be quick since they are so thin.  You can remove the mixture from above and quickly fry up the pork to get some of the sauce flavor.

2013-11-30 16.58.02Serve.  I added toasted sesame seeds on top.  Weird Huh!  LOL

Therefore, in order to summerize, I don’t have a secret plant somewhere making these things for me.  I buy them at regular grocery stores.  It’s a matter of just trying different things.

Let us rejoice our WEIRDNESS………..LOL  Enjoy your food, make if healthy, pay attention to you portions and pump in a bunch of FLAVOR as you can!!

Health and Love Always.

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Do not mess with a Craving

Or should I say don’t mess with a “woman” who has a craving.

I’m sure I’m not alone in my……off the wall, OMG I just have to have it, of course I don’t have everything here….kinda craving…LOL  It happens and that little voice won’t go away either.  It taunts you, follows you, speaks loudly at time to the point where you then psycho analyze every means of getting out of the house, get the ingredients and accomplish your mission.  But……….

2013-11-27 08.01.47It really never does happen that way.  Because Lo and Behold, IT’S A SNOW DAY.  There is no getting out, there is no “speedy drive to the store”, there is NO WAY of satisfying your craving.  How sad.  😦  So you attempt to put it out of your head….right!  That’s not going to happen.  But look outside (see attached photo of what I woke up to, and secretly I think our sub-conscience knows it and totally does on purpose to bring it to the forefront just to annoy the living &%$% out of you) and you are faced with an unsurmountable amount of SNOW.  Of course.

So what is it?  What was causing me this complete and utter discomfort?  I wanted tortilla shells.  Not the store bought ones (which frankly would have been soooooo much easier).  Nope..I wanted the handmade ones.  Of course having just purchased my amazing tortilla press, I wanted to make some.  I didn’t even care if there was gluten in it.  I was ready for it, I wanted those shells, I wanted to make fajitas…….Oh good lord, the drool.

There was no way I was letting this go.  But sending Husband to the store since he was already out of this snow dilemma was futile since that man wouldn’t have any kind of idea of what I needed.  So off to the pantry I go (after of course looking online as to what I needed).  Now one would think……She has the CORN tortilla powder.  Powder, water, done, tortilla.  Of course NOT, that would be too easy.  I wanted the flour ones, the roll them up after stuffing them with fresh goodness kinda tortilla.

Not surprisingly as I hit the pantry I came to me suddenly…….crap, I gave my flour to my daughter.  Of course I did.  I don’t do gluten and frankly this accessory was useless to me (at the time…  LOL)  I had the egg, I had the baking soda, and lard, well I had coconut oil and in a “lard” consistency, so the taste was just on the tip of my tongue.  But NO flour, that’s a biggy.  And because I wanted this sooooo bad, I didn’t even have any Almond Flour, Chickpea Flour etc, etc.

In my desperation, and decided to use………….my imagination.  Now that is a dangerous route to take, because there are numerous times when I get like this that it tasted much better in my head then what actually came out on the plate.  So I scoured my pantry and found the following.  I’ll write down what I used just in case anyone would be interested, but WOW, how happy was I?  Happy than a pig….well you know how that goes…LOL  They were a wee bit crunchy, not as pliable as I would have like, but much better than using the Corn version, and frankly, OOBER YUMMY!!  So my craving has been satisfied and all is well in my world.  Yah for ME!!

2013-11-27 15.04.55Tortilla dough

2.5 cups of GF pizza flour (I got that a long time ago at Bulk Barn)

1.5 cups of Hemp (not overly grainy so it didn’t need crushing)

2 tsp of baking soda

2 Tablespoons of Coconut oil (in a lard-ish consistency, just not liquid)

Herbs (to your liking and optional.  Read directions)

1.5 cups of cold water

Mix flour, hemp, baking soda and coconut oil in a bowl and kneed with your hands until oil is spread through the flour and hemp mixture.  Crumbly.  I then added a touch of garlic salt and about 1 tablespoon of dried marjoram.  But this is where you can play with flavors.

Add the water and bring everything together.  I then let it sit for about 30 minutes.  The dough will still be sticky, but manageable.  About 1 tablespoon each rounded like a golf ball.  Place in a 6 inch tortilla press and SQUISH!!  Add to a dry frying pan on medium heat.  Just make sure it’s not smoking.  Toast your tortilla on each side.

At this point, I put them in paper towel and cover them completely allowing for them to sit in their own steam which keeps them pliable.  Then I wrap the whole thing in foil until they are ready to use.  I only made 8 of them and placed the remaining dough completely wrapped in the fridge.

So my experiment worked, supper was amazing and I managed to make tortillas out of …..well sheer desperation….LOL

Health and Love Always

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How Beautiful is the day………

How Beautiful is the Day that is Touched by Love……….Today I Marry my Best Friend!!

Facebook, twitter inviteI can proudly display our wedding Motto now.  The day has come and gone, like all the Christmas dinner preparation that take days to prepare and are gone in 10 minutes, my wedding seemed to have gone the same way.  I sit here now…….after the fact, and truly wish I could do it all over again.  It was so much fun being the planner of my own event instead of someone else’s and the work was well worth it!!

I put in alot of planning.  Diva on a Dime I called it.  I think it was appropriate.  Though we kept to a budget, I became very creative to cut corners where I could and hired some amazing and not as well known vendors who are always ready, professional and great at what they do, but they are still not bigger than their britches and I LOVE that.  It’s the world I come from.  With Act One Scene One, my wedding planning and event planning business, I high appreciate people who want to take a chance on the unknown in exchange for what I feel is a more personalized experience.  I do not hesitate one bit in recommending my vendors, the outcome was simply fantastic.

w14First Tania at Cheap and Chic Designs.  OMG, what an awesome, elegant and professional job she did at decorating our hall.  There are no works.  It spelled Vintage Diva all over the place.  She truly heard what I was saying.  Please visit and support!!

Secondly, our cake designer.  And I call her a designer because she first sketched out a design just for us.  This is all I had to go on.  The cake had never been made.  What more could I ask for.  There are truly no words to describe her talent, I can only share her creation that I had the honor of calling mine!!  Sweet Song Cake, Irina, the BEST!!


I tip my hat to St. Elias Banquet Centre, their Manager Zare, and their outstanding staff.  Their detail to attention was fabulous.  I have nothing but high praises for this venue.

There are so many more I could mention.  Though I made all of the centre pieces, gift back, seating chart, candy table and probably a few other things, it would not


have been possible without the help of wonderful friends who too my vision on the day of the wedding and made it come to life.  

My thanks also to Weddingstar.com for publishing a recent blog about the “Mature Couple”.  I loved every moment of it.

So now life moves on.  I will continue to do wedding for couples who will have me, and make their day as special as mine!!  Don’t forget Act One Scene One is now at your service.  P.S. the bouquet that I carried is a creation by my daughter.  The flower girls lanterns and Maid of Honor wine glasses were made by myslef.  We truly took out all our creative juices for this event.

Thank you for sharing our event.

Health, Love and Happiness Always

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Not the Coordinator, but the Bride

My many traveled roads have now branched off once again.  I have ventured onto a new journey, one of which I didn’t expect, but possibly hoped for. (Yes another journey, don’t judge me….LOL)

AOSO business cardSomething that would wake up my senses, my creativity, my love of all things people.  I have launched a new business as many have heard and word is certainly getting around nicely, called Act One Scene One.  The response has been amazing with all my existing crafty vendors and some new vendors that I keep discovering daily.

What I had not expected was the passion it would create within me.  Let’s put aside for one minute that it all started really when I began to plan on my own wedding.  What I found when putting this together was that it seemed almost the greatest mix of all that I love to do, and all that I do well.  I am hoping to get my degree along the way in event management, though not exactly necessary, but I believe in credibility so if I’m to walk the walk, I’m going to talk the talk.

Six months ago, when my fiance and I decided to set the date and get the party rolling, I didn’t realize at the time that it would not be a ball rolling but rather a runaway train, but one I still have complete control over.   I have been having a blast, and like most things in my life, when I’m given something that I’m excited about I run with it.  Sooooooo you can find my new venture at www.actonesceneone.ca  You are very welcome to follow me on twitter @Act1Scene1 and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/actonesceneoneottawa .

1375892_10151967352117139_1477848488_nAs my own wedding planning comes to an end (geez that’s sad…..), I am trying to put that Wedding Coordinator part of me aside (not that easy, I’m blogging 4 days before…LOL) and trying to assume my role of Bride.  I suppose it’s reminiscent of doctors/nurses trying to be patients.  When do you stop telling people what to do and just enjoy this journey.  Those who have had their wonderful day know how quickly we will be using the past tense to describe our Wedding.  “OMG, doesn’t it seem like just yesterday we got engaged?”….”Wow, it’s Christmas already, didn’t we just get Married?”…..”It was just like that turkey dinner wasn’t it? ALL THAT COOKING and it’s done and over in 10 minutes”…..LOL well you know what I mean.

So for those followers of the wedding process, thank you.  We are still updating the wedding site which can be found at www.idohq.com/brunetanddrozdowski/wedding (this exact same feature is available to all future couples who book their wedding with me FREE of charge for the full length of their planning process).

What I AM looking forward to however, is having someone else live this same experience.  I have had the greatest time and immense joy planning our perfect wedding, and though there were bumps in the road along the way with a tremendous amount of work, it was well worth it, and it will be well worth doing it again.  I am ready!!

Just as an after thought, I am not restricting my business to wedding planning but rather all event planning.  I will be concentrating on Wedding Coordination, but I am fully open to any kind of event.  Anniversaries, Birthdays, Special Occasions, Employee/Employer functions, Fundraisers, etc.  It’s going to be a blast.



Health, Love and Happiness Always.

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There are moments in life where you tend to silently ponder over, silently celebrate, but that certainly doesn’t mean they are less important in life.  Then there are those very large moments that should someone forget (aka my soon to be…LOL) then we would be having a problem.  I think all milestones, big or small have to be celebrated in one way or another.

I’m taking this opportunity to cover a few of my milestones, to celebrate since they all within the first few days of each other, all in one week and it’s about coming full circle.

Before and After WLS

Before and After WLS

On November 5, 2009 I had Gastric Bypass.  I had an amazing surgeon and support team and that trend continues.  It has not been an easy road, nor will it continue to be an easy road, but one that I have chosen none the less.   I will celebrate my 4th Re-birth day. The day I gave my daughters and my family a better version of myself.  The beginning of my second chance.  I take this particular journey very seriously, and therefore, I quietly celebrate this life and my blessings.  This milestone always reminds me to not take anyone in your life for granted, to treasure the small moments, to look outside every morning and say Thank you!

.facebook_371681425Three years ago on October 30, 2010, I met “the man”.  How time flies.  It was at the right time in both of our lives, and I now know there is no predicting when that happens.  I’m just very glad it did.  Having been divorced for the better part of 20 years, and he having never been married, patience was the name of the game here I guess…LOL  These have been the best three years of my life, living a very healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship, and exploring and traveling a journey of self discovery which in itself has had its amazing and fulfilling moments.

Wedding LogoThese past three years have now set the stage for another milestone. Our wedding.  This will happen on November 2, 2013.  Two very short weeks away.  We are both happy and honored with all that will attend this event, one of many milestones in our relationship.

Of course the wedding taking centre stage, I cannot forget nor disregard the milestones that have gotten me here.  So I’m silently saying Thank You, in case I don’t get the chance, to all those who have stood by my side.  I have made decisions, some erratic, some drastic, some challenging, but none with regret!  I would not be the woman that I am today had I not journeyed down this path.  I am forever thankful and grateful.

So many have weathered the storm with me, and beside me.  They have not judged my choices, but rather embraced the butterfly that I was becoming.  Along the way, I met my best friend, my soul, my heart who never experienced who I was, but got to know who I truly was.  It’s for those reasons that he has had an open door to my life as a whole, and understands, and support my milestones and journey fully of which he has become such an integral part!

I think it’s for this reason that we will become husband and wife during the same week as all the other milestones that have gotten me to today!!  I am so blessed to be surrounded by such love.

Celebrate your milestones.  The little ones especially, because these milestone shape who you are.  If you started working out!  Yah, you will be healthy happier you.  Milestone.  If you started a new career! Fantastic, you will look forward to everyday doing what you love.  You decided to go back to school!  Exciting, you will learn new things and share that with others.  Celebrate your milestones!

Health and Love Always

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Always be thankful

This thanksgiving brings new meaning in my life.  For many years, I celebrated thanksgiving, somewhat robotically I suppose.  Going through the motions, appreciating time with family, but truly not doing much thought as to what it means to me.  I like to think that I’m always thankful, but it’s like birthdays, anniversary, Easter, etc.  It’s a holiday that comes once a yearBachelorette 1.  I believe we should be thankful everyday.  I believe many people are, at least in part, have some kind of mental note throughout the day where you say “gee, I’m really lucky”.  There are some days more difficult than other, but we ARE lucky.  We live in an abundant society to make of it what we wish, to live as we wish, to be accepted for who we are and what we stand for.  We all have stories, turmoil, sadness, life and death, but all in all, we truly do have so much to be thankful for, today and the whole year through.

Maybe having been with my family so much lately, up close and personal. My upcoming wedding celebration that will see two different nationalities comes together as one, and truly enjoy each others company.  To celebrate my rebirth on November 5 marking my four year after Gastric Bypass and accepting who I have grown and matured into, rejuvenated, recaptured years that I may not have had to be with all that is so near and dear to me.  Life will never be easy……..I don’t believe it’s meant to be.  Ultimately it’s how you choose to live it in order to decide how much you will take out of it and enjoy the ride.

.facebook_371681425On this Thanksgiving, I’m giving thought and thanks.  I look back and the past 4 years that are truly responsible for where I am today.  Looking forward to the festivities of the next three weeks and sharing that with everyone I love.  In three weeks, to FINALLY MARRY the man who I was truly meant to spend my life with, it just took us a little longer to find each other than most.

imagejpeg_2.3To openly LOVE my daughters and be in awe of their charm, beauty, intellect, and their individuality, and continue to pray for their safe journey in life with who they choose to share that journey with.  Forever my daughters.  I am thankful for Parents who I am blessed to have by my side, thick and thin. To my one and only Sister…..there are no words.  The gratitude that I have and hold to have been blessed.

Life can be so unpredictable.  I went through the ugly tunnel of nearly being taken away from these amazing people, and LIFE is just to precious to take your health for granted.

Live each day, Love each other, and though you can be thankful for soooooooooo many things, in the end, be thankful for BEING HERE IN THIS MOMENT to enjoy it and recognize and acknowledge the gift you have.

From my Family to yours Happy Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!

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The “WOW” factor.

As per Wikipedia “Wow”, means ……………well absolutely nothing because it’snot listed….LOL  But on another site it states “said to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure”  In theory, yes, that’s what it means.  But for me, this is my “magic” word…..LOL  I can use it in all kinds of instances, without really disclosing what I’m really thinking and that is the pure beauty of the word “Wow”.

When I’m shocked…….woooooow (a.k.a. are you kidding me? I can’t believe that.)

When I’m enthused/or not….wow, how nice. (see how you really can’t tell if I like it or not?  It’s a beautiful thing…..LOL)

When I’m amazed…..wow, is that ever cool.

When I’m in disbelief…….woooooooooow (a.k.a. Really??)

When I don’t want to insult anyone…….Wow, that’s interesting (I’m going to keep my mouth shut on this one…LOL)

When I’m excited……..WOW isn’t that awesome!!  Yah!!

The list is probably not endless, but it certainly hasn’t gotten me out of some tight spots on many an occasion.  My favorite, is just commenting………………Wow (you don’t know if I’m happy for you, shocked, or annoyed….LOL).  That’s the funnest one of all.  But again, it keeps my lips shut tight, avoiding any unappreciated advice, but still getting my thoughts out there.

Now that’s the WOW factor.  I’m a big fan!!  🙂

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There are a simple 30 days left to the biggest day of my life apart from having my children.  And yup, I totally know that everyone says that, and it’s pretty much a cliche but there are no other words.

ImageWith all of what still needs to be done, this has literally changed my life.  Five years ago I would not have imagined the 100+ people attending my special day.  I would not have imagined truly finding my best friend (again another cliche, but very true…..it’s on our wedding invites…LOL) I would not have ever thought of starting my own business (which I will be launching in the next few weeks, and not just my crafts but something completely different).  I would have never put myself out there at all due to being so insecure.

It’s nice to reflect.  There is a moment on my favorite show…Biggest Loser (big surprise there…lol) where the coaches have the contestant look back at who they were.  I for one have never done that.  Until now.

I was always under the misconception that I was happy in my body.  I know this is the persona that I gave off as well.  Being a visible community employee, doing workshops and public speaking, I gave off this confident attitude.  I was anything but.  It’s difficult to say that my size played a role in that behavior, but it most certainly did.  This was my thing.  Some people it’s their nose, their eyes, their breast.  Mine was the whole enchilada.

You hear so many times that “size doesn’t matter”.  And true, it shouldn’t.  It’s shouldn’t be about anyone’s “looks”  (see insecurities above).  But I choose to live in the real world (and maybe being slapped upside the head with a heart attack)……being large is UNHEALTHY!!  This had nothing to do about looks but it had everything to do about living.  Is it a guaranteed pass to longevity………No.  But it sure helps.  I now have the cholesterol of a new born.  No high blood pressure, no more diabetes, no blood thinners.  That is my reflection.  It’s where I am now.  That’s it.

So call it what you will, being overweight, fat, obese, curvy, big and beautiful………I choose to live and to do so, shedding the excess weight has taken me from an early grave to a fighting chance at longevity and to enjoy this wonderful man that has chosen to love me faults, temper, and excess skin!!  The whole package.

In the end, I’m choosing to not reflect.  It has been a journey, and certainly filled with wonderment and new found knowledge, but what lays ahead of me is what I want to remember from here on in.  I want my daughters to live their best life.  I want everything that is good in the world for them.  I would love to erase the terrible habits that I taught them and hope that my new habits stay with them.

Going back in time is just not for me, but I will take with me the enlightening part of it and continue to make today my best life ever!  How can I go wrong, I have an amazing family, and soon, I hope to be an amazing wife, mother, daughter, sister, and business woman.  Asking for more would simply be selfish.

Health and Love!!

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